Sunday, 13 November 2011


Hey there guys, so today I have a really exciting blog post :-) its about my new addiction..

So the website is called Fantasy Shopper and I was introduced by Brogan from brogantatexo, who by the way, is an amazing YouTuber and Blogger and one of my favourites! I have been on Fantasy Shopper for about 6 days now as I found out about it from Brogan's YouTube video. 

Basically, Fantasy Shopper is an online shopping game, which is focussed around real world fashion. Every hour, there is pay day, where you get paid 'Fantasy Money'. You also can collect badges. I currently have 17 badges, but you can earn an amazing 57 of them! You buy pieces of clothing from many real life shops such as New Look, Miss Selfridge, Karen Miller and even Harrods, and then create outfits and enter events with them, where I believe you win money, depending on however many 'likes' your outfit recieves from the Fantasy Shopper community. This is what the Fantasy Shopper homepage looks like: (I have crossed out last names on here because you login via Facebook.. as you can see, theres Brogan!)

Fantasy Shopper homepage
I really enjoy Fantasy Shopper and I think you will to! If you would like to check out the website, just simply click here and sign in via your Facebook account!

Happy Fantasy Shopping!
-Hannah xx

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