Monday, 17 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics!

Vvio Cosmetics have just launched their brand new cosmetic line which celebrates being 'alive with colour', this makeup line is exclusive to Tesco... bringing you catwalk inspired looks to the convince of your local supermarket. 

The first item I'm going to talk about is the Trio Eyeshadow Palette, which costs only £2.50! 

I absolutely love the quality of the packaging and the product itself! I could definitely compare this to MAC eyeshadows as they're extremely pigmented. These colours are perfect for an evening look however I have used the first two colours (white and grey) to create an everyday minimal eye look for work. Inside the packaging there is a mirror and an applicator meaning you don't need to carry around several brushes and a compact mirror. 

The second product that I'm going to talk about is the Primer, at just £6! 

I've been looking for a good face primer for some time now, I've tried out a few but they always seem to go cakey - which definitely isn't what I'm after. I tried this Primer out on my hand first, I was absolutely amazed by the way it applies. Umm... I'm finding it really difficult to describe this product as it's just so different to any other primer I've ever used!! Well, whatever all I'm going to say is if I was sent this product without knowing the price I would be willing to pay up to about £20 for this, it's just that amazing! At only £6, it's an absolute bargain!! 

The last product I'm going to be talking about is Coral Flair Lipstick, at just £1.99!

Coral Flair is the darker colour in the picture. The first day I used it (about 3 days ago) I used it by itself, it was so pretty! However, the last 2 days of using this product I've applied a bold base as Coral Flair Lipstick from Vivo, followed by Tanarama Lipstick from MAC.... I only put Tanarama in the middle of my lips and gentle rub it out to soften the colours together but my god, GORGEOUS!!! 

I can't say anything bad about any of the products sent to me from Vivo because I think they're great! (and, that's an understatement by about a mile!) But, not only all of that but all the products smell so pretty too, to me the lipstick smells of coconuts!

* I was sent these 3 products from Vivo to try out and possibly review the products too if I like them (which obv I do!! :)     )

Thanks for reading, @dmgxoxo!! 

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