Sunday, 23 October 2011

Dying My Hair: GONE WRONG!!

Yesterday I just felt like I wanted to try something new, so I drove to Boots to see what I could find. I didn't want to spend much because I'm trying to save money at the moment, which FYI is going pretty well! I ended up buying 3 items, 1 being a Kit Kat, the second thing was the Eylure Dylash 45 Day Mascara, which I wouldn't recommend anyone buys. The 3rd and final thing I got was Loreal Paris Hair Mousse in Pure Dark Blonde, I only got this one as they didn't have the one I wanted!! :(  

I’ve never used the new hair dye mousse thing before, but I’ve wanted to for a while after seeing the adverts on TV. The mousse is fantastic, far better than any normal hair dye only problem is I don’t think they have a great collection of colours, either that or Boots don’t stock a good variety of natural colours, well any colours in actual fact!
I recorded the whole thing so you can see exactly what you have to do, what it looks like and how it works. I was really scared, I expected it to come out a lot lighter than it actually did, but I was pretty lucky in all honesty as I really like it! Another thing is… you know when you dye your hair and it stains your face and neck sometimes? Well, 20 minutes later with just a little splash of water it came straight off!!! Not like normal hair dyes that sometimes don’t actually come off (for those of you who have that problem I found a perfect product that removes it within seconds – Rinax it’s a hand cleaner, we actually sell it at work but when we all tried it out it removed our fake tans etc!)
Want to see what comes in the kit? How it works? My before and after colour of my hair dye going wrong? Watch the video below! :)

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