Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hi evayone, it's me again... Danielle!

This post isnt about makeup at all, but bare with me as I have one coming up :) my laptop broke yesterday so I'm writing this on my iPhone 4s but blogger won't allow me to add images to this post so I've had to change my post... A lot!!

Okay so about 2 days before we were allowed to pre order the iPhone 4s my silly old mobile phone decided to die - pretty good timing if you ask me! So, I pre ordered the first iPhone 4s that I came to as i wanted to make sure I'd have mine the day it came out and I wouldn't have to wait for the second delivery of iPhones to arrive.

Yesterday, the day the iPhone 4s launched I left work about 8:30am to collect my iPhone, I had que for about 15 minutes but that's okay! My contract is with Vodafone, I've never been with Vodafone before as I've been with O2 for approxametly 6 years now! Unfortunately I had a few problems at first like they didn't register my phone number, then my iPhone wouldn't turn on and finally it took half a day for the phone to register.

However, I didn't have the one problem which everyone else had, whilst sitting in Vodafone so many people were bringing back there iPhone 4s saying the speakers werent working, it actually turned out that all it was was the screen covers they were... well covering the speaker...!

I know I made that sound bad but I'm so happy to have the iPhone 4s, it's more professional than the iPhone 4, it works faster, the camera is AMAZING also the battery, well I haven't charged it yet and I've been playing music and games on it since I got it - so much better than the iPhone 4!

I popped into Apple today and was told that they don't have any iPhone 4s cases for one whole week as they aren't out yet which I find absolutely stupid as hell. So I decided I would pop into pound land buy an iPhone 4 case for one pound to see if it fits as I didn't believe Apple at all and well...I was right! There is no difference in the cases!

If you have any Apple products let me know what you think of them as I'd love to know.


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