Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Haul, What I bought My Family + Christmas Day: OOTD

2011 has gone so fast, it's unbelievable!

Christmas was amazing, I had so much fun with all my family :) Unlike most years we had more time than usual... so I recorded, edited and uploaded a super quick Christmas Day: OOTD video on Christmas morning! I was wearing a jumper that my mum, dad and brother bought me for Christmas, a dress from Miss Guided which only cost £9.99!!!!! a pair of tights from Next and some slippers which my brother bought me last year for Christmas :) CLICK HERE to check it out!

On Christmas Day I also uploaded a video showing you what I bought my family for Christmas... you can view it HERE :)

Lastly, today I uploaded a new video showing you what I was given for Christmas, I know I'll get a lot of hate for this video but it was requested by you guys so HERE it is :) PS I am aware that I look like a right tramp in this video... :( If you hadn't already noticed... I dyed my hair blonde for Christmas!!! (more my natural colour) yayyy :)

I hope you had a great time, feel free to leave ANY of your videos as a response to my videos... I'll always accept :) <3 xxx

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