Tuesday, 1 November 2011

How to make money?!

Hi everyone!! 
Danielle here :) It's been requested a lot recently to do a video about making money etc... so I did it. I was extremely hyper and ready to go out for Halloween (I didn't actually dress up but oh well :P) If you'd like to view the video then follow the link below :) 
I'm not sure if it'll be helpful to you, but I thought I'd let you decide. I've been making money since I was at school and I left school back in 2009! For example when I was at college most people had their tongues pierced so I decided to sell tongue bars - I was prob making £40 in 2 and a half days at college (I went to college part-time and didn't get EMA) I learnt how to do this from my parents as they started up their business back in 1990 - before I was born!!! It's still going strong - it's where I work :) 
Anyways let me know what you think :)xx

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