Monday, 7 November 2011

Elemental Beauty Review & Bonfire Night / Fireworks Display!

I was recently send a few products from Elemental BeautyElemental Beauty is a company that are passionate about mineral makeup, all of the products they sell are hand crafted by themselves meaning they’re more than happy to make unique products just for you.
The first product I was sent was the Illuminator in Opalescent, I’ve been using this product as a highlighter above my bronzer and also on my eyes on a daily basis. It gives the most beautiful, natural sparkle to your face and shows up so well in pictures. Out of all of the products that I was sent there are two products that I will 100% be ordering for myself and this is one of them!
Now onto the second product that I received from Elemental Beauty, this one is a Lasting Mineral Eyeshadow in Earth’s Core – I like to apply this product to my crease and then blend it out so it’s not a harsh line, it looks so pretty! I’ve worn it a couple of times to work and also on night out!
The last products I received were 5 small Flawless Mineral Foundations samples. From Left to Right we have Barley, Dewy, Bunny, Honey and Nude. I’ve fallen in love with Nude – It’s the perfect colour for me, it sets my liquid foundation perfectly and makes my face glow throughout the day. I’m super excited to order a full size one for myself. I’ve been applying it with a blush brush and it still works perfectly so you don’t need an expensive brush to use this product.

With the other 4 samples that I received I have allowed my family members to test them out their skin. Dewy is perfect for my mums skin, she’s also planning on ordering one for herself so we’ve definitely fallen in love with the Flawless Mineral Foundations!

If you’d like to visit Elemental Beauty’s website just CLICK HERE!

PS how was your bonfire night? i'm not sure about you but the past 4 - 5 days my house has been surrounded by fireworks! And not being the biggest fan of fireworks, I was extremely scared - sat on the sofa, with a blanket, hot water bottle, animals, hot chocolate and of course an awesome film on full blast #perfect! For those of you who are interested the only reason I don't like fireworks is because a couple of years ago I was hit by the end of a firework (a piece of plastic not the actual firework - luckily!!!!) but anyways on Saturday night I plucked up the courage to go to a firework display / bonfire etc where I pretty grew up (I used to camp their every weekend and every Wednesday night for about 10 years or more!) They have thousands of pounds worth of fireworks and do a HUGE display of them from the middle of a lake - crazzzzy! Anyways, I ended recording all of it (might have been because I was actually to scared to look at the fireworks themselves!) So if you'd like to see an edited version of the display I'll leave the link below for you :) Hope you all had a great time, let me know what you did?  :) xx

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