Sunday, 25 September 2011

Review: Tanarama Lipstick by MAC

On my 18th birthday me and my best friend travelled to Cardiff just to go to MAC - it was, if I remember correctly 2 and a half hours there on a train!? I might be wrong  though. I'd saved up a lot of money to spend at MAC, as it was the first time EVER going to a MAC shop, also I new I'd be getting a little bit of money  for my birthday so I put it all towards my trip out for the day.

One item that I bought was Tanarama lipstick - amazing! Here's a little swatch of it on my hand! 

You can't really see that, can you? It's soooo pretty though! It's a golden shimmery colour, it smells and tastes amazing too... It's one of those smells that you can't really work out what it actualy smells like - but cake comes to mind! * I bought Tanarama lipstick for Hannah's birthday she thinks it smells like Vanilla!

I wear Tanarama almost everyday to work, it's amazing - when the light hits it, it dazzles! I get so many compliments off people at work, even the customers love it!

Infact, I wore it in this picture! 

*I don't have purple hair anymore - but I'm wearing Tanarama in this picture !! 

I think it's definately worth the money. 

If you'd like to see what else I got for my birthday from Mac, click the link below to my Birthday Haul. 

Thanks everyone, Danieelle :)

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